Dahú brings us a folk tradition combining extended influences on electronic, rock or choir music.

With a diatonic accordion and an acoustic guitar “Shoes off” discovers different ambiences - ranging from introspective to energetic - through its instrumental compositions.





In the Mediterranean folklore a Dahù is a legendary creature from the mountains. A blend of shapes with the peculiar fact of having shorter legs on one side of the body, which makes them walk the mountains in one direction before meeting creatures coming from

the opposite direction.

Inês Lopes and Pedro Prata get together with this idea in mind. Two creatures with rocky paths both diverse as rich, meet in a

simple set of a diatonic Accordion and a Guitar.

Combining rhythms from ancient times with the aim of breaking new sounds, European music and dance come together far beyond borders.






 1-3 MAY 2020

Folkarria EcoFestival, Madrid [ES] New date


23 MAY 2020

Woodfolk Festival, Platischis [IT] New date


20-23 AUG 2020

Boombalfestival [BE] New date

25-27 SEP 2020

Woodfolk Festival, Platischis [IT]

Date to be confirmed

OuTonalidades 2020, d'Orfeu [PT]

30,2-2 MAY 2021

Folkarria EcoFestival, Madrid [ES]

26-29 AUG 2021

Boombalfestival [BE]

A fearless courage to lose a weight that we all share, for the purpose of a lighter and freer wander.





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